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Broker’s profession is becoming an increasingly interesting career prospect for those who want to combine an office job with active work and mobility.

The most successful agents are those who appreciate direct contact with clients, are optimistic and energetic.

Age is of secondary importance. Neither does educational background constitute a crucial value.

What counts is determination, focus on the goal and confidence.

A good agent is a busy agent.

Brokers work like detectives: they cruise the town and hunt for the best apartments, houses and plots for investment. They make valuation of the properties, negotiate, they become confidants and friends to their clients.

They vary, but have one thing in common: the speed of their work is that of the American Stock Exchange.

This profession is enjoying a growing prestige within the society.


Undoubtedly, western patterns, engagement and the working environment influence it. Starting with participation in the creation of modern policies, through the streamlining of companies’ management or use of leading-edge tools and ending with constant supplementary training.

What does CASTLE stand for?

It is a team of experienced advisors, working for many years towards and for the welfare of their clients.

What distinguishes us?

Professionalism, good advertising, unconventional methods, passion and commitment.

We look forward to working with you!

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