Every year, August and September are the hottest months when it comes to lease. Traditionally the mobility is generated by the students who did not succeed in finding a place at the student halls. Unfortunately, the nescience of the prices and ignorance of the lease contract construction can create serious problems for the future leaseholders. What to start with to successfully conclude a transaction and avoid any additional problems?

The Polish Real Estate Federation, in cooperation with regional associations activated the nationwide initiative SAFE LEASE. The endeavour is meant to help future leaseholders find a property to lease and to lead them safely throughout the transaction from search to drafting of the lease contract.

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Natalia Ludwicka

516 072 021

 Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. Well organized, perceptive, and above all creative. He is passionate about the arrangement of apartments and houses. To meet the needs of the market is the home stagingiem or "home-staging" to help clients in the sale or rental of flats and houses.