The prices on the Poznań estate market have grown the fastest last month. Poznań has left behind Warsaw and Wrocław among others. In the capital of Greater Poland, price negotiation was also the toughest.

According to a report presented by, Metrohouse and Expander, the estate market of Poznań can enjoy the fastest growth of apartment prices. In September, compared to August, average price per square metre rose by 3.7 %. That’s a lot. In Kraków and Łódź, which came second and third, respectively,growth amounted to 1.2 and 1.1 %. Warsaw and Gdańsk noted growth below 1%. It won’t get any cheaper

- This market rally has been observed for a while now. After the falls which took place, such situation can truly build up – says Justyna Myszkiewicz, real estate advisor in Ober House. – Flats are being sold not only by those who need to rid themselves of the property fast, but also by those who want to change to a bigger property or are buying flats as investment.

According to Myszkiewicz the coming months can be the last call to buy a flat at a good price.

- Particularly for those who are looking to invest. Buyers have already realised that the prices will continue to fall and started en masse to buy. It drives the market and is visible in the relatively rapid price growth – says the advisor.

Almost 4% growth means that in Poznań buyers had to pay 183 zl more per square metre than in August. Such a big jump reflected negotiations. The difference between the offer value and the transaction value totalled mere 0.5%, which translated to 24 zl per square metre and demotivated the buyers.

Poznań is more expensive than last year

The creators of the report compared current prices in Poznań to prices from September 2012. It turns out that the average price per square metre in the capital of Greater Poland rose by 7.6% and now oscillates slightly above 5 thousand zl per metre.

-Obviously, there are cheaper and more expensive flats. The cheaper ones you can buy from 3500 zl per metre and the expensive ones at 7500 zl per metre – says Myszkiewicz.

The cheapest flats still include the ones of so called big slabs. Flats at lower prices are also those in tenement houses, especially if they require renovation. If Poznań average is the limit, buyers can start looking for their own place in newer housing and in higher standard buildings.

- The most expensive ones are traditionally town villas or renovated tenement houses. Clients who buy those are wealthy people on whom the current price growth probably does not affect much – affirms Myszkiewicz.

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